Hi This is not about what this site MAY contain, but more about WIP.


Presently I am trying to finish off the re-designed book 'Sigvaldi's Saga' - the story of a time travelling Víking which I originally printed about three years ago and wasm't happy with the design.) I have now totally redesigned the book, which has reached 280 pages and added some extra poems. The book has been edited for its English content by Mike and Kate Lee and is now awaiting correction and editing by Hafdís Ágústsdóttir in Iceland. Then and only then will I unleash the tome onto the public.

Talking about publications, I am also finishing off a mini book entitled 'retrospective spectres' a ghostly impression of the traders past, present and future in the Moor Market, Sheffield, England.

At the end of my second year at Sheffield Hallam University, Institute of Arts studying sculpture I have taken the leap into the next step of my evolution as an artist. Now the portfolio of jewelley is quite simply bursting with ideas and designs, with a large number ready to work on in my workshop over the next three months. This website will show WIP of these pieces. The sculpture has similarly taken a giant leap and I have produced two big pieces (about 1 metre across) in plaster of Paris. From the encouragement of my gurus I will be making another 28 pieces in the series.


A bit of historic stuff at www.melsbwportfolio.blogspot.com

But what about the real me?

Born in Huddersfield 1945, Melvyn Anthony Sewell. Mother Joyce Sewell, Father Ernest Frederick William Sewell.

Lived, raised and educated in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

Attained 9 'O' levels.

Indentured apprenticeship with De Havilland/Hawker Siddeley/British Aerospace.

BSc Mechanical and Production Engineering, Bedfordshire University.

Then 25 years as art director/writer/creative director in various top ad agencies like JWT/McCann's/Bates/D'Arcy MacMannus in London, Johannesburg and Lisbon.

Followed by a stint as a freelance landscape photographer from 1995 to 2016.

Currently taking a BA Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam, Institute of Arts majoring in sculpture.

Many many exhibitions of my own work over the years and lots of books published...see my publications page HERE.