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Hi I'm Sigvaldi, thanks for browsing the Sigvaldi Arts website. This page will build as I go along. 29/03/2018 Busy rebuilding the website to include things that are long overdue. Some stuff will be new news, others old news. Youll notice the earings: these are a set of 24 I created to be shown at a model rampabout at The Hub, Sheffield Hallam University by the Fashion Management students and is due to take place on April 13 2018. I'll have some detailed pics of each of the items soon. They are made of aluminium mesh with silver earwires. If I get some interest commercially I'll have them 3D printed in silver. You'll see on the earwire images I'll upload shortly that each one is individual and shaped to absorb design features of the earing. I'd like to suggest that the wearer only wears one earing at a time as they are all individual. Prices and sizes to follow. You'll also see a copper arm bracelet of a very abstract form and hand made in a forge. It is available now...£300 More product to follow shortly including a chunky, spiral arm bracelet and concrete (yes concrete) neclace pendants and some whacky sculptural rings.

The photographs are all black and white and printed on Hahnemuhle Photo-Rag acid free paper. They are all A3+ (that's 328x483mm) and cost £1200. Books: if you travel your mouse to the Blurb site and pop into the search box 'Sewell Sigvaldi' you'll see a big list of books I've published. Have a look. All priced. A few years ago I published a book called Sigvaldi's Saga (the story of a time-travelling Viking all written in the style of Japanese Haiku)but wasn't happy with the design so withdrew it. I'm presently redesigning it but as its over 400 pages may take a few months. I've added the front cover design to the library on this site. I'll also upload a few images of recent sculptures which to date will be NFS. And finally some images of a large installation of the waterfall at Skógafoss, Iceland I created for an exhibition at the Silk Mill, Frome, Somerset recently. Some samples of my Haiku will also be added.

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More like a history lesson ABOUT SIGVALDI CV Born 10/03/45, Huddersfield, Yorks. Education 1957 - 1963 Allan Wilson Technical High School, Salisbury, Rhodesia: 8 ‘O’ levels. 1963 - 1970 British Aero